Holiday Feelings & Coping With Loss

Holiday Feelings & Coping With Loss

It is a beautiful time of the year…but not for everyone.

With family gatherings and holiday festivities taking place you can sometimes feel that you are REQUIRED to be festive.

Here’s a little encouragement if that’s not how you are feeling.  (more…)

Stop this prayer request…

Stop this prayer request…


“Lord, can you please show me the next 5 steps?  Can you just work it all out without me having to do the work?”

So first, uhmm about that…

I’ve prayed similar prayers also but what I discovered is that I was really asking God to keep me comfortable.

Think about that for a moment.  Are your prayer requests being masked as requests to remain comfortable?

I know! You didn’t open up the Hump Day Hang On to discover a need to go a little deeper. Welp! You are here now reading this so let’s keep going, shall we. (more…)

Move Messy!

Move Messy!

Who likes a freakin’ mess!

I hosted a live stream video on Facebook a few days ago titled “Move Messy” that I received great feedback on so I wanted to share a similar message with you today for Hump Day!

We are often paralyzed by doubt, fear of – criticism, failures, do overs, set backs and uncertainty.  We don’t want to look unsure or feel ashamed about moving through our mess. Like I said earlier, who likes a freakin’ mess!

Here’s the deal about our messiness.

We must move past the fear concerns and move anyway.  Moving messy means you won’t have all the answers, all the money, all the connections, all the resources.  LISTEN…none of us do! (more…)

What The Hell!

What The Hell!

I tell you this journey can make you weary at times.   Like when I ask myself ‘what the hell did I get into as an entrepreneur?”

This week I felt like the ‘to do’ list was ever growing and the things I’ve already accomplished was not nearly enough.   That feeling of I took 3 steps forward and 4 backward.

Have you ever felt that way?

I’ve spoken to plenty of women that have so know that you are not alone.

This morning I started to examine – why does this happen?  (more…)

What can you automate?

What can you automate?

Are there tasks that you are doing over and over? 

You might be unaware of them because they are so easy for you now that you blast right through them.  We can get so busy working that we don’t stop and examine our processes from time to time.

When was the last time you examined yours?  

If there are things that you do repeatedly then that’s probably a signal that they can be automated. Things like social media post, email marketing, client follow up tools and allowing clients to book appointments with you.


Focus Statement for 2017

Focus Statement for 2017

Wowzer! It’s the last Hump Day of the year. We’ve been humping all year!

Is it just me or did the year go by very fast for you also?

Nonetheless, I’m ready for 2017!  Let’s look forward and get our BAM ready!

Consider working on a FOCUS STATEMENT for 2017.

It should: (more…)

Time For Hiding Is Up!!

Time For Hiding Is Up!!

Let’s have a little chat about time or lack thereof.

When I was laid off 2 years ago (wow that has gone by fast) I had to face some things I had been running from. One of them was I had no more time to hide.

It’s “easier” to hide when you have a comfortable check hitting your bank account twice per month. I had been playing it safe. I wasn’t as tenacious as I needed to be. I wasn’t totally convinced of my “why”.  I was completely bored at my job where I was a natural gas trader.

Any of those sound familiar to you? (more…)

Coping With Loss During The Holidays

Coping With Loss During The Holidays

I had my day yesterday.  I missed my Mom.  I missed her being able to sit in the kitchen and tell me exactly how to make dressing.  Her telling me “Don’t stir it Miara, turn it or it will be gummy”.  So I definitely understand the overwhelming emotions that might flood you at times during this season.

Your feeling of loss might be because you can’t spend time with your family for whatever reason.  It’s still a feeling of loss that you must face.

I woke up this morning realizing I wanted to share some hope with you if you are experiencing similar emotions.

I hope this message lifts your spirit and helps you understand that you are not alone in how you feel. (more…)

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