Elevating your business does not always consist of simply YOU doing more work. 

Request feedback on some of the services you provide!  If you have an email list, ask your audience!  Ask if there something more they want from your content or if there is something that they would like to see less of?  

Make it super easy!  You can do a free survey through Survey Monkey or some other service similar to that.  With Survey Monkey, you can do up to 10 questions for free. I don’t advise you to do more than 10 questions.  With surveys over 10 questions, people just won’t complete it if they feel that it is too time-consuming. When you’re sending out the survey, let them know in your email approximately how much time it will take! For example, if you choose to do a ten-question survey, it should take about 60 seconds.  Saying 60 seconds in your email will sound a lot faster to your clients than saying one minute, so I encourage you to say 60 seconds. Also, if you host an event, whether its virtual or live, request feedback from your attendees. 

Remember, this feedback is to help you grow. This is not something that you should take personally, or feel embarrassed or ashamed about. This is how you grow – by making improvements on the things your audience wants to see improved.

The next thing I would like to chat about is creating a system for rewards.  If you have anyone that gives you a testimonial, think about something inexpensive for you, but thoughtful.  What can you do to show them that you appreciate them?  It can be something as small as a $5 Starbucks gift card, a Chic Fil A gift card, a Chipotle gift card – little things like that, and those are just some ideas. Whatever it is, you should give it in a card in which you write a personal Thank You note – “Thank you for your testimonial”, or “Thank you for being our first person to purchase a ticket for our live event”.  Whatever you are thanking them for, a handwritten note with your signature goes a really long way.

So, I wanted to share this business development information with you on requesting feedback and providing rewards.  

I would love to hear if you start implementing these ideas or ways that you have already been implementing them!  Comment below and share some ways that you have requested feedback or given rewards that have worked well for you!  If you are going to start implementing these tips, comment with the ways you are going to start!