I’m a Professional Development Facilitator, Business Strategist, Speaker, and Podcaster

I support high-performing leaders with leadership development, strategies to prioritize work-life harmony, and confidence-cultivating practices. Explore my podcast, “Success with Saneness,” featuring engaging discussions on leadership confidence and holistic well-being development.

Have you fallen for the lie?

Somehow we have been sold the lie that in order to achieve success we must be moving at 100 mph, neglecting our relationships, putting our physical and mental health on the back burner and over-giving in our careers and businesses.

I DO NOT believe or accept that as a fact and it surely does not support our well-being.

I believe we can intentionally create a Balanced Rhythm™ (work-life harmony) that supports the lifestyles we desire.

I believe you landed on this page because you desire to create a better lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed and living in burnout mode.

You want to feel more connected, have more joy, and fulfillment.

We are here to support you and look forward to getting started in identifying YOUR RHYTHM! Let’s Go!

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I’m Miara, a…

High-Energy Presenter

Sassy Leadership Facilitator &

Hope Dealer!


Who had to find her own balanced rhythm before she could help other women find it for themselves.

I know what it feels like to try to keep it all together without falling apart. To be the “superwoman” that everyone looks to make everything alright. It takes a toll on you. And if it continues it can rob you of your joy.

I was a woman who juggled being a no-nonsense high-powered energy trader, wife, and busy mom of four active kids. I was always on the move. No time to stop and reflect on what I truly wanted for my life outside of managing a demanding career and being a wife and mother. But as luck would have it, a downturn in the energy sector impacted my position and gave me the time to reassess what I really wanted. Isn’t that how it works? We sometimes have to be pushed into our destiny. For me, it was my season of “becoming” when the Maven surfaced and uncovered who I truly was and what I could offer the world.

3 Ways to Work With Me

Leadership Development

Our team of SMEs supports corporations by providing targeted development for black & brown women and executive women with leadership development & cultivating confidence. We help orgs reach targeted development and inclusion goals through strategic planning resulting in interactive training and development.

Training Facilitation

Through tailored learning experiences, your leaders receive personalized coaching and guidance to cultivate executive presence, confidence, and articulate communication in various settings. They learn to navigate challenges with poise, thereby elevating their influence both internally and publicly. 


Miara infuses high energy into audiences comprising corporate professionals, ambitious business entrepreneurs, and exceptional high school students!  Miara employs her sharp wit, straightforward communication, and action-oriented speaking style to deliver transformative solutions. Collaborate with her to elevate your event to a transformational experience.

Honest Feedback

From My Clients

The virtual training led by Miara Shaw was a great way to close out the year for my team.  Her insights, interactive and practical approach, and understanding of the importance of harmonizing professional and personal life equipped us with tools to enhance work-life integration and reminded us of the importance of taking time to focus on our well-being.  Thank you Maven Miara!”

General Counsel Americas Land

“The Wellness seminars facilitated by Miara are educational and insightful. Employees look forward to participating in her active and engaging session. We are happy to partner with Miara to provide training to our clients. She’s the best in the business.”

Executive Vice President, Neely EAP

“The HR Training Department at Harris County Public Health would have no hesitation in recommending Miara for her skills in engagement and facilitation.”

Human Resources Training Assistant, Harris County Public Health

“Miara provided an excellent workshop focused on the importance of a work/life balance for the working mothers in our organization. I and other attendees learned so much from her presentation on Creating a Balanced Rhythm. We left the summit feeling truly empowered! Thank you Miara for your wonderful words of wisdom and tips on how to create balance in our daily lives!”

Stephen F. Austin State University, Director Office of Multicultural Affairs

“We had some great learning experiences and a lot of fun with your guidance at NSLC. “The skills we learned during our leadership sessions are the most important thing anyone could possibly take away, as they not only helped us while interacting with others during the NSLC program but also prepared us for a world where communication is vital. You are a captivating speaker and an approachable, encouraging person.”

National Student Leadership Conference

“We were so fortunate to have Miara Shaw speak at our Women’s Empowerment Summit at Stephen F. Austin State University, she was inspiring, relatable, and entertaining! I was able to also get organized with the tools and template that Maven Miara provided. Being connected to like-minded women made me feel like I wasn’t the only one going through business challenges (especially during a pandemic).”

The Rose Residential Care Home

“Miara is engaging, insightful, and easily connects with students from all backgrounds as a leadership facilitator & public speaker. Our high school students looked forward to the sessions she led them through with moans, groans, and laughter into their growth zones. I must say that not only did the students enjoy working with Miara, but the staff and I did as well. Without her unwavering support of both the students and the staff, growth our conference wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without her.”

National Student Leadership Conference

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Success with Saneness

with Maven Miara Shaw

The transformative personal development podcast designed exclusively for high-performers who seek to excel in both their professional and personal lives with balance.

Each episode features expert insights and thought-provoking discussions about building unshakable leadership confidence, business growth, and designing harmony among them. 

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Ready to create your own definition of work-life balance?

Join other high-achieving women and unlock your true potential. Create a Life Strategy Map that fuels your imagination, sets clear boundaries, and establishes a personal advisory board that supports your success. No need to sacrifice your relationships, physical health, or mental well-being. Begin your path to holistic success today!


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'Maven' Miara Shaw is a Hope Curator & Confidence Cultivator who works with high-achieving, purpose pursuing leaders to take action in moving from stuck to execution without sacrificing their relationships, health & mental sanity. She calls this a Balanced Rhythm™.


Miara Shaw is based in Houston, TX but serves clients globally. She is a certified to do business with local government and federal agencies.