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The Success With Saneness Podcast

Are you a dynamic female executive or women entrepreneur craving proven business growth strategies and leadership success?

Do you yearn for more fulfilling work-life balance?

Are you seeking unwavering leadership confidence as you navigate the complexities of life, all while maintaining your holistic well-being (spiritual, physical and mental)?

Welcome to ‘Success with Saneness.’ This transformative personal development podcast is designed exclusively for high-performers who seek to excel in both their professional and personal lives with balance.

Each episode features expert insights and thought-provoking discussions about building unshakable leadership confidence, business growth and designing harmony among them.

Join your host, “Maven” Miara, a professional speaker, business strategist, leadership development facilitator and author.

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miara shaw

'Maven' Miara Shaw is a Hope Curator & Confidence Cultivator who works with high-achieving, purpose pursuing leaders to take action in moving from stuck to execution without sacrificing their relationships, health & mental sanity. She calls this a Balanced Rhythm™.


Miara Shaw is based in Houston, TX but serves clients globally. She is a certified to do business with local government and federal agencies.