How Thought Leaders Use Authenticity for Income Generation with Jourdan Guyton – Episode 21


Our guest, Jourdan Guyton, shares how she used the power of authenticity to create content and generate income with resilience and adaptation in the face of the global pandemic. As the world came to a standstill, she found ways to reinvent herself and her career, showcasing the power of determination and innovation in challenging times. Jourdan Guyton opens up about the initial disarray and uncertainties brought by the pandemic, particularly how it stalled her career in front of the camera. Faced with an indefinite pause in her usual professional engagements, Jourdan didn’t retreat but instead pivoted towards entrepreneurship. She reached out to businesses in need of digital content, navigating the new normal with creativity and agility. This bold move not only marked a significant transformation in her career but also became a source of inspiration for many women striving to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Key Focus Areas:

  • 00:29 Introduction to Jourdan Guyton’s Content Creation Background
  • 06:09 Discussing Content Pillars and Overcoming Overwhelm
  • 17:32 The Importance of Process in Content Creation
  • 25:39 Strategies for Monetizing Content Effectively

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Navigating the Content Creation Journey with Authenticity, Grace and Power

Thought leadership examples of the content creation process without craziness sound like a myth.  We dive deep into the heart of a dilemma faced by many business owners and founders: How to create impactful content while maintaining balance and authenticity in both professional and personal spheres. I’m sharing three key points offering further insights and actionable steps to inspire and motivate dedicated ambitious entrepreneurs to create without craziness.

Streamlining Content Creation: A Symphony of Efficiency

Creating content doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. It’s about crafting a symphony where every note plays its part efficiently. The art of streamlining lies in understanding that less can be more when done right. Batching as a Superpower: Imagine a day dedicated to content creation – where ideas flow, and multiple pieces come to life. This isn’t just a productivity hack; it’s a way to harmonize your creative energies, focusing them into powerful bursts of content generation. By batching, you reduce the daily pressure of content creation, allowing for a more focused approach that leaves room for other important aspects of life and work.
Embrace Technology: In this digital age, let technology be your ally. Tools for scheduling and automating posts are not just conveniences; they are necessities that enable you to be present in your digital space without compromising your presence in the physical world. This balance is essential for maintaining a clear mind and a focused approach to both your work and personal life.

The Art of Authenticity: Your Uniqueness is Your Strength

In a world bombarded with content, authenticity makes you stand out. It’s about being fearlessly you, showcasing your journey, your struggles, and your triumphs. Authenticity is the bridge that connects you to your audience, built on the pillars of trust and relatability.

Sharing Your Narrative: Your story is a tapestry woven from your experiences. Share it with the world. Let your audience see the person behind the brand. This transparency not only fosters a deeper connection but also inspires others who may be walking a similar path. Engaging with Your Tribe: Remember, communication is a two-way street. Listen to your audience as much as you speak to them. Engagement isn’t just about responding to comments or messages; it’s about understanding the pulse of your community and aligning your content to resonate with their needs and aspirations.

Prioritizing Well-being: The Core of Sustainable Success

Your well-being is the foundation upon which your success is built. Neglecting it in the pursuit of professional achievements is like building a castle on sand. Sustainable success comes from a place of health, peace, and balance. Setting Boundaries: Boundaries are not restrictions; they are your personal guidelines that help you navigate through the complexities of life. Define clear work hours, respect your off-time, and remember that stepping back and breathing is okay. This isn’t just about maintaining productivity; it’s about preserving your essence, your spark.

Embracing Self-Care: Self-care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Whether it’s a quiet morning walk, meditation, or simply enjoying a cup of tea, find what rejuvenates you. These moments of calm are not just breaks; they are the times when creativity often sparks, and clarity is found. The journey of content creation, especially for women in leadership and entrepreneurial roles, is as much about the content itself as it is about the creator. By streamlining your process, embracing your unique authenticity, and prioritizing your well-being, you create a pathway to success that is not only fruitful but also fulfilling and sustainable. Remember, you are not just building a brand but crafting a legacy. Let it be one that is as remarkable and resilient as you are.


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Watch as Jourdan shares great tips on using IG for your business!

'Maven' Miara Shaw (00:01.586)
All right, Jordan, so let's jump in to this conversation with the ladies and men, but predominantly women that will be watching us. So we're gonna be really focusing on talking about content creation without craziness, right? We know we need to create content and then how do we monetize it? Listen, it does none of us any good to have these cameras, mics, lights, all these things and make no money from it. So we're definitely gonna talk about the money component.

Jourdan Guyton (00:25.486)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (00:29.898)
But let's start with in your bio, I read that you sold a comic web series. So let's talk a little bit about that, how you got started in the content world and how COVID made clearly a wonderful pivot for you, led you in that direction. So share a little bit with us how you got started with all of this.

Jourdan Guyton (00:51.43)
Yeah, first of all, thanks for having me. I'm really excited to have this conversation because content does not need to be all the things. We can keep it very minimal. So my journey started when I graduated college back in 2010. My first job was at the Maury Show. So all your baby mama drama, all the You Are Not the Fathers, like that was my life for a good three years.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (01:00.478)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (01:09.645)

Jourdan Guyton (01:18.326)
That was my first taste of production and just content in general. It was a syndicated show. It was, I think, iconic of its time, and, you know, conflict TV. And so I spent some time doing that, and after just being enthralled in conflict every single day, I decided to start working for a marketing agency that I was...

'Maven' Miara Shaw (01:31.223)

Jourdan Guyton (01:44.362)
working for part-time, it was in the spirits and wine industry. And I was doing the tastings, but then I got promoted to actually manage all the sales models for the brands that were in our portfolio. So that's then when I started to get a taste of marketing and content and really using content to advertise brands and making sure the clients were happy.

And I enjoyed doing that because that allowed me to focus full time on being in front of the camera. I really wanted to act, be in commercials. I was starting to audition a bit more and this job was very flexible and allowed me to work from home in addition to really checking on the sales models. And I just remember Myra being casted for just the wrong roles. Like...

'Maven' Miara Shaw (02:31.261)

Jourdan Guyton (02:31.83)
the angry black woman, the mistress, I got so many like the other women roles, like it was too much. And so a friend of mine and I at the time decided to co-create a comedic web series, a web series that highlighted women of color being funny and being actors in New York City. I was in New York at the time and we just really played heightened versions of ourselves.

We put all of our money into it in season one, shored up all of our friends to actually shoot it and be actors in it. And we put it on YouTube. We were in a lot of festivals, we got a lot of traction and I was like, okay, this is something. And just really maintaining the relationships I feel like are just so important in what I continue to do.

I had a friend at BET at the time and he asked if they could view it and potentially buy it as they were looking for more content for their digital side of things. And so yeah, it went through. They fully funded season one. We actually paid the people that put out their sweat equity in season one and it was a thing. I really thought that developing and producing was going to be the thing and then COVID hit and...

'Maven' Miara Shaw (03:41.73)

Jourdan Guyton (03:50.622)
everything shut down, everyone shut down. And I really didn't know when I'd be back on camera, I was doing home auditions, but again, we didn't really know when the world would open up. So I started doing my own thing. And that looks like just reaching out to businesses and seeing if they needed content created. And that's kind of when things started to snowball a bit.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (04:13.946)
love. Listen, the authentic stories, right? How we can have in our heart this end thing. Like this is the passion. This is the thing I love. And oftentimes I want women to hear this that those, when you see those of us that are living our passions, we, we didn't have an absolute clear crystal clear picture of what it looked like. But I do believe that when we're clear on the thing that we

that brings us passion, brings us joy, fulfillment that we love. God starts directing, you know, the path to get us, we could not have written these things down for how they had happened. Um, so that is actually when Jordan and I connected in the pandemic. Um, I think Jordan, how I first connected with you was via Luminary. I saw something you did on Luminary. Um,

Jourdan Guyton (05:06.338)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (05:10.79)
You know, I've shared with Kate that Luminary was kind of like a reconnected lifeline in the pandemic for all of the female founders that we were all in the same place, virtually nonetheless. But you just, I found some good like kind of restarting of my feet and to kind of keep going. And I saw something you did and I was like, huh, I should talk to her.

Jourdan Guyton (05:32.046)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (05:39.486)
I should talk to her and her Jordan to help me with really the biggest thing it helped me with is clarity around those pillars that you teach content pillars. Like it can be so overwhelming to try to get all your thoughts and ideas and things. And like, how do I make this a story and real and a post in a, without just feeling like, you know what, throw the whole thing away, throw it all away. It's too overwhelming. Um,

Jourdan Guyton (06:06.006)
All of it. Hmm?

'Maven' Miara Shaw (06:09.186)
So I feel like that was one of your amazing strong suits is really helping with clarity around pillars. So I want you to talk a little bit about that because, you know, oftentimes when I'm talking to women and I'm plus 50, gratefully a wonderful 53, women my age are just like, girl, I cannot with the reals and the this and the bad and it just seems like every month there's something new and some new algorithm.

What's the, what's this, what's, what do you tell women that are like, I quit, I quit the content. Um, my business is just going to have to do it some other way. What do you say to those clients that are just kind of feeling they want to do something, but it's just too overwhelming. What, what does that like?

Jourdan Guyton (06:57.702)
Yeah. First of all, 53 where I don't understand. So that's a goal. That's first and foremost. I hear that a lot. I think that you have to. Determine how you want to show up online and not allow social media to do that for you. Does that make sense? I think you have to tap into.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (07:05.483)
Thank you.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (07:19.979)
It does.

Jourdan Guyton (07:23.718)
your capacity, tap into your lifestyle, tap into, you know, realistically when it comes to social media. And I'm talking past like that I don't want to do it, but how often can you show up? And what does that look like for you? If it's not the reals, it doesn't have to be the reals. If it's not going live, it doesn't have to be the live. If it's not creating graphics on Canva, it doesn't have to be those things.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (07:45.186)

Jourdan Guyton (07:51.606)
but I would at least ask that you try, right? So before you say, I'm not doing it, it's crunchy, I'm over it, no thanks, at least try. Because at the end of the day, it's going to feel crunchy. None of this is natural, but as marketing has evolved, as owning a business has evolved, we have to as well, right? So it's, yeah, so it's finding that.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (08:01.57)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (08:05.794)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (08:13.43)
Yeah, I love that. Yeah. And you know, that is the, you know, after I went through my coaching with you, got clear on the pillars, for me, it was the consistency. What can I be consistent at? And then really digging into the data to say, where is my audience? Where are they? And for me, they're on LinkedIn and they're on YouTube. Okay? So I'm consistent.

They are definitely in my email list. So listen, what consistency looks like for me with content is a blog a month, an email a month, a video a month, but inconsistently, like I sat down and created the strategy of how is this gonna happen? I can write the blog and come up with it, but I need my assistant, shout out to Tiffany, for finding the image.

Jourdan Guyton (08:44.622)

Jourdan Guyton (08:52.334)
There you go. Great.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (09:09.326)
putting it where it's supposed to be and all of that stuff. So I love that you are not telling people, okay, your content creation has to look just like this. You've got to do the work to say, what does consistency look like for me? And most importantly, that consistency needs to be where your people are, right? I don't do a ton, a ton of stuff on Instagram because I make no money on Instagram with my particular audience.

but I do show up there with things and it does, it performs fine. Right. But ladies, you can't throw in the towel on content in general, because as, as Jordan says, as the marketing evolves, if you want your business to grow, you, we have to evolve with that. And with that evolution, what does it look like for you? Um, so tell me,

You know, I know I watch your videos, your lives sometimes, and that, that consistency, how do people find and ladies know that this, some of this is trial and error. Like you try a thing like, Oh crap, that didn't work. How do you encourage your clients to keep going? Like find the next thing. What, what work

for you, what are those tools and plays that you're encouraging them to do?

Jourdan Guyton (10:36.114)
Yeah, so the framework that I created and teach from are the three C's. So it's clarity, content and consistency, right? And so we need all three of those things. You can't just have clarity and content without consistency because then you're inconsistent, right? You can't have clarity and consistency without the content because what are we posting, right?

and you can't have content and consistency without the clarity because that leaves your audience confused. They don't know what you do. They don't know what your offers are, all the things, right? And so when I think about the consistency piece of things, there's a couple of things that I've seen with my clients that fuel that. One of the things I think is so important is community.

I feel like community really helps, especially women entrepreneurs. I primarily on the B2C side of things work with heart-centered, service-based female entrepreneurs. So what I've seen in this space is that when we have each other to go through these crunchy moments or I don't know how to do this, or nobody showing up from my live can at least one of y'all show up from my live at six o'clock. When you have that, it allows you to build that.

confidence muscle as you continue to put in the reps. I think community is hands down one of the most game changing situations when it comes to content. It also cultivates your authenticity, right? So when you're in a space with a bunch of women, at least in my case, that are cheering you on, rooting you on, say, oh girl, that real was good. Oh, I love that live. It's like you have that positive reinforcement before you go out on the testing ground.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (12:13.782)

Jourdan Guyton (12:19.946)
right in front of people that you don't know, people that, you know, are random, maybe a troll, right? So I think that's important. And then I think the other thing that's been really helpful with my clients when it comes to consistency is batching. So spending time to create more than one piece of content at a time and extending the shelf life of each piece of content that you post, right?

So one piece of content shouldn't be one, it should be three to five to 10 pieces of content across the platforms that you mentioned, Myra, where your audience is, right? So how can you take that blog post and then turn it into an email and then take the top three points and turn it into a reel and then take those top three points and turn it into a carousel and then put it into your stories? Like, how can you stretch the shelf life of one piece of content so that you...

Don't feel like you're always showing up or you're always on every single time.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (13:17.11)
I love that. And this is a question that I didn't even have in my notes, but it just came to me when you were talking. And I know I've incorporated a lot more use of artificial intelligence, of AI. Cause when you think about, if you create a long format video, you can use AI to get the full transcript of that. You can create clips from the long format, right? So how have you found...

AI to be your friend. You know, here's, here's the thing. Most of my audience is black women, black women. You cannot be afraid of technology. Please hear me. Listen, we're not saying that you need to let it rule your whole world, but there are pieces of technology that are so critical to you growing with sanity, creating content without craziness, right? Let technology support you so that.

You know, if you have one piece of content that you can get five uses out of, you now don't have to create five individual things. That is overwhelming, right? Because at the end of the day, you still have to run a business, take care of yourself and your family and all those other things. So how have you used AI or an, and encouraging your clients to use some of these like, it seems like weekly new tools that are coming out.

Jourdan Guyton (14:23.404)
It's Will out.

Jourdan Guyton (14:39.39)
Yeah, it does seem like weekly. I mean, I think for me, I really love chat GPT. I really use chat GPT as a conversation starter or an idea starter. One thing that my team and I have kind of gotten comfortable doing and again, I don't think we've talked too much about this, but a process is so important, right? So if you're constantly doing the same thing over and over, build out a process for it. And it

a process could be recording it and then transcribing it using AI and having that done. But one of the things we've been doing is taking some of the content that's performed really well on my Instagram in my B2C market and transferring that same knowledge to my B2B market on LinkedIn. So on LinkedIn, I'm speaking to corporate buyers that serve and sell to small businesses.

So how can I take that beautiful content that we've already created and have it speak to my buyer, right? So we take a lot of the captions or we take a lot of the concepts and we plug them straight into ChatGPT, which is my language, everything that I've already ideated and created and have it speak to a different buyer. And that's been so helpful. I've been consistent on LinkedIn, I think for the past six or seven months now, and we're posting three days a week.

and I'm barely coming up with new content for that platform.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (16:06.102)
Yeah, I love that. And listen, ladies, that's a hot tip. That's write that one down. Pursue that because I use it the same way, you know, because you can't speak the same language on LinkedIn that you speak on Instagram, right? There is a conversion there and your original voice is being dropped into chat GPT. So it knows your language and it's just converted. You tell it, tell me this in a different way for this platform. Um, you touched on process and listen.

Jourdan Guyton (16:11.458)

Jourdan Guyton (16:17.666)
Mm-hmm. I agree.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (16:35.022)
process has saved me. I'm a pretty process driven business owner because I'm very organized in that way. Like that's how my brain thinks. And I need that to happen for me to have peace in my life. Otherwise my brain's going all night and I'm not sleeping because I'm trying to pull all the pieces together. And if I can just create the process, then my brain is like, okay, she has it. It's captured, right? So.

Jourdan Guyton (16:40.205)

Jourdan Guyton (16:48.471)

Jourdan Guyton (17:01.861)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (17:02.634)
And again, for me, that's tools like the Google suite. I put something in there, a spreadsheet or whatever. My assistant can look at it. The editor can look at it. Everybody can get to what they need to get to because it's in the cloud. Right. And we're not sending emails and things like that back and forth. What does, what do you encourage clients to, to do for a process? Because I think the process, that's probably 60% of the work, right?

Jourdan Guyton (17:07.158)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (17:32.798)
If you can create a process, then you can drop the things into that process or know when they're at least supposed to happen without overworking your brain on, okay, what am I doing today? Like, what do I need to do this? When that's overwhelming for the best of us. So, so let's talk a little bit about process, what it should include, what it should look like, all of those things.

Jourdan Guyton (17:55.389)
Yeah. Yeah, so great question. Question, Myra, your video is blurry. Should I care about that or no?

'Maven' Miara Shaw (18:02.174)
No, it'll clean it up. Rubber Fab, will ya?

Jourdan Guyton (18:03.954)
Okay, perfect. Okay, perfect. So as far as process goes, I love that you are a process girly that you need to have things like mapped out. I am not I am not I am a visionary. I am like, I need my team to organize this chaos. I dream really big and I want to do all these things and my team's like, Okay, sis, but how are we doing? Like? Yeah, that's

'Maven' Miara Shaw (18:16.942)
I'm out of here.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (18:30.466)
But we can't do them all today.

Jourdan Guyton (18:33.27)
That's kind of my brain. So if that's your brain, I feel you, people that are listening. Um, a few of the things that I think have been beneficial process wise for me is a content calendar. Uh, my content calendar started as a paper, big paper desk calendar where I literally wrote my content on. That's where I started. That's where it felt good. Uh, I was a paper planner girl for a very long time. Um, now I have it in my CRM.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (18:50.606)

Jourdan Guyton (19:03.086)
and we use ClickUp so my team can see it. I think a process that you can start to do right now because a lot of times when it comes to creating content, we think we need to innovate and create new things. Go into your folders and to your videos and start create a folder that's maybe called postable or my mission and start to add photos or video in there that you could or would share on social media so that you have a space of content.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (19:06.818)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (19:16.098)

Jourdan Guyton (19:32.078)
pull from. I also think, you know, a process that's really helped me going back to that batching side of things is batching my captions, right? So sitting down and writing out my captions for the month for each post, right? Instead of feeling like I have to do it in real time every single time, that's a bit overwhelming. But if I can put on some music, maybe get some tea, look at my content calendar and see the ideas that are coming up and just start to free flow and write.

That's been really helpful for me, for sure.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (20:05.794)
So, you know, in this world of content, trends are always happening. And what's your thoughts on that? Should people be, you know, should people be trying to keep up with all these latest and greatest things? Or is there kind of a, your lane, but some flexibility in that lane where, you know, you check out a trend, if it's not your thing, then don't worry about the thing, right?

How often should people even be like, it's almost a distraction, but some of it is needed, right? How often should you even be kind of paying that much attention to the latest trend and all the things that are always happening? What's your rule of thumb? Or do you have a rule of thumb? Or do you kind of A, B test it and that worked, it didn't work and kind of go from there?

Jourdan Guyton (20:52.874)

Jourdan Guyton (21:00.178)
Yeah, I'm probably not the rule of book type of educator coach. I really, I'm all about take what you need, leave what you don't, right? I feel like if it feels good, if it works, if it's in your best energy, like continue to do those things. But again, I don't want you to shy away from trends because of fear, right? If there's a difference between like fear and this is not aligned with

'Maven' Miara Shaw (21:11.755)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (21:24.802)

Jourdan Guyton (21:29.986)
who I am, where I'm going, my higher self. Like there's a difference there, right? And so I really encourage trying things. Like I remember when threads came out, I tried it and I was on it for a good like week. And then it's, yeah, and then we're done. Yeah, we're done. But like LinkedIn, I was, let me try LinkedIn and it felt so good. Again, there's where my B2B buyers are.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (21:35.03)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (21:47.396)
That was me. I was like, okay, yeah, yeah.

Jourdan Guyton (21:59.646)
A lot of my clientele also comes from Instagram over to LinkedIn. So I've been staying in that trend and it feels really good. I've tried TikTok. Yeah. Nope.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (22:12.138)
That's so, that's wow. And I completely deleted my whole TikTok account. I just was like, this is a distraction for me, for me, because I knew I wasn't gonna create content over there that was gonna lead to increasing my revenue. So I was like, just no, I'm just not. I can only scroll. When I need some moments of dead scroll, I can only have one, that's Instagram. And I just.

Jourdan Guyton (22:18.786)

Mm-hmm. That's a lot.

Jourdan Guyton (22:28.61)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (22:39.422)
Again, so ladies, we're talking about various things, but no, we're telling you, you got to know you, you got to know what's going to feel good for you and work for you. And just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean that you have to do it. Now, don't not give it a try because of fear. That's what Jordan is saying. Don't let fear be the determining factor. So, you know, women have gotten clarity. They've, you know,

you've written some content, they've built out when they can be consistent, okay? If that's three times a week, once a week, Myra, once a month, whatever it looks like, how do they now start looking to have this content be a revenue stream for them or, you know, maybe it's not the direct stream, like maybe you don't become an influencer where you make money off of a video.

Jourdan Guyton (23:20.565)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (23:37.078)
but someone sees that video that is a buyer who now wants to do business with you. What do people need to look for, think about kind of on the front as they're creating content that can lead to some revenue?

Jourdan Guyton (23:51.602)
Yeah, so not speaking from the content creator influencer side, I'm speaking from, like you said, the business owner monetization. I think that too often, at least when I start to work with my clients or they come into my program, they're consistent. They're creating content. They're establishing thought leadership. They're showing up. Maybe they're trying different things.

and I'll go through their content, I'll do an audit, maybe I'll look 30 days, 60 days, and maybe once or twice out of that 30 days or 60 days, they're talking about their offer and asking for the sale. So oftentimes we as business owners are just not talking about our offer enough. We're not talking about our offer every single day. We're not, we're...

'Maven' Miara Shaw (24:19.662)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (24:33.23)

Jourdan Guyton (24:42.57)
we're including so much fluff around the actual offer, right? So we'll say, here are three ways to straighten your hair, and here's my product versus here's my product, right? So I think that what I would love to see in the business space, especially with women, is that we find more confidence in talking about what we're doing and how we're getting people through transformation and what that looks like.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (24:47.507)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (24:54.162)

Jourdan Guyton (25:12.038)
and the results that we're getting. I just don't think that we're, I think too often I'm seeing and hearing, I'm creating content, I'm showing up, I'm doing it, I'm dancing, I'm this, I'm that, I brought a light, da-da-da-da-da, and then I come through and all the call to actions are follow me, or give me a like, or share this with a friend, or link in bio, right? There's no book a call. There's no DM me the word so I can see if you're a fit.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (25:22.146)

Jourdan Guyton (25:39.35)
There's no four spots left. If you're ready, click the link in my bio to take the next step. There's no, this is how to work with me in Q4. And I think that's what grinds my bones is we're too quiet about the changes that we're making in the world.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (25:51.19)

You hear that ladies, you have to make the ask for the sale. You have to make the ask. And you know, that's a great part of your content planning is plan the ask in there, make it part of it. So you don't have to get ready to post it in like, oh, I'll ask next time, right? Because it does come from confidence. Build that ask in because again, the cute ring lights and the best microphones.

Jourdan Guyton (25:56.204)

Jourdan Guyton (26:13.806)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (26:22.626)
those things alone don't generate income, you have to be able to ask for that sale. At least, like I said, ask for the discovery call so that you can then get to asking for the sale. I love one of the things also you talk about in your bio is really working with heart-centered business owners and the authentic piece, because I think content production.

is one of those easy ways people can kind of get lost if they're not careful in trying to be the thing. Whatever that thing, you know, the trending thing or the whatever it looks like. But, but your authentic voice and what are some ways that you encourage your clients when they're creating content to remain authentic? Like don't get distracted with, oh, that person's thing is in purple. Mine needs to be in purple.

But if it was not your thing, how do you stay authentic to your true voice and continue to build on that voice? Because that's what the world wants. They want the authentic you and not a copycat of someone else.

Jourdan Guyton (27:34.366)
Yeah, great question. I mean, it definitely goes back to that community piece, right? Again, just being surrounded, being encouraged, being poured into by like-minded women or like-minded business owners, I think, is so beneficial. The other thing, I think, when it comes to authenticity is creating more than you're consuming.

I think oftentimes you start to think about purple or you start to think about, oh, I should vlog or you start to think about, let me start a YouTube channel or you start to think about my dog should get a TikTok because of everything that you're consuming. So I think it's really important to set limits in time around your scroll time and set time aside for you to just be in creative flow. One of the things that we do in my group coaching program,

'Maven' Miara Shaw (27:59.639)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (28:12.896)

Jourdan Guyton (28:26.554)
once a month is we have something called creative flow. And just for an hour a month, you come in and no distractions, no tabs open. What are we focused on? How are we getting creative, right? Is it writing your captions? Is it cleaning up your folders? Is it posting something in your drafts? Is it writing your outline to your next live? And it's you just tapping into your creative essence.

and releasing any of those limiting beliefs or doubts that you may feel of your content not being good enough. I think that's so, so important.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (28:58.171)
I love that.

I love that create more than you consume. That's like, that's a basic statement, but that's so powerful because that's where the distractions come in for people, is you're so busy scrolling that you start, your own voice, you start to suppress it because you're like, oh, but I'm not doing it like them. And they got a thousand likes or, you know, it's like, don't get caught in the.

Jourdan Guyton (29:10.103)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (29:29.794)
comparison game that can happen on social be your authentic self. So we've touched a little bit on your program, things you offered. I've worked with you before. Um, let's get to some sharing about what do you actually offer? What does that look like for people? Because I would imagine again, of the women that I frequently hear that say, Oh, Mara, like you show up so consistently. And I'm like, yeah. And it's because it's consistent.

You think it's a whole lot, but because it's consistent, it's not as often as you think. So how are some ways that folks can work with you that might be thinking, well, you know, I have the ring light and the microphone and I'm creating the stuff, but is it working for you? That would just be my question to folks. Is it doing anything for you?

Jourdan Guyton (30:01.868)

Jourdan Guyton (30:19.607)

Yeah, I mean, I always say that your content should be driving conversions, right? If we're posting and spending hours and pointing and editing and have a social media manager, we're paying an assistant and there's no ROI. We have to have to take a look at that and tweak that. At this time, I'm doing 90 minute power strategy sessions where we're fleshing out like you and I did, where we flush out your content pillars, we get clear on.

your voice and how you desire to show up. And also I'm going to push you and stretch you a little bit to try different, uh, content types that maybe you haven't tried in the past. And then next year we're relaunching my group coaching program, the courageous content Academy. So most likely, most likely in Q1 of 2024, it is a

beautiful, amazing transformational program for heart centered female entrepreneurs who want to grow and drive revenue in their business using social media without posting every single day, without doing the most with, I'm all about keeping it simple and collecting your bags at all times.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (31:27.287)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (31:31.414)
I love that simple and collect the bag. Listen, if you don't get anything else, simple and collect the bag. So success with saneness is, it all really is set on the foundation of creating success with saneness. This thought of growing culture and I can sleep when I'm dead. Listen, I am not about that life. This is not what I'm signing up for ever again in life.

Jourdan Guyton (31:34.102)
That's it.

Jourdan Guyton (31:55.926)
Nope. Never.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (31:58.442)
So what does that look like for Jordan with you creating, you creating your own content and coaching others and, um, just recently moved to a whole new state and still, I would say in the newlywed, uh, category, what does that balance that harmony look like for Jordan?

Jourdan Guyton (32:17.054)
Yeah, I mean, I'm in the same boat. I'm in my soft girl era, like the kids are saying. But I'm also my mantra for this quarter is let it be easy. I think there's a lot of especially Q4, there's a lot of grind hustle, foot on the gas, hit the numbers. I just don't have it. We're three years into business and

'Maven' Miara Shaw (32:24.087)

Jourdan Guyton (32:44.062)
Like, I just, I think of what God has for me, and I know it is, it's legacy. It's not one year, it's not five years. And when I think of the grand scheme of like how long I'm gonna be in business, you've gotta slow down to speed up. And that's kind of the energy that I'm in. One of the things that therapy has,

'Maven' Miara Shaw (33:05.026)

Jourdan Guyton (33:11.298)
highlighted for me is the importance of just self. And so I do have something called desire day once a week where I just do what I desire. Is it a massage? Is it shooting content? Is it going on a solo date? Is it hanging out with my husband? Like, what does that look like for me? And it's been really transformational to.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (33:23.619)

Jourdan Guyton (33:38.614)
continue to set those boundaries. Sometimes I do override my own boundaries and that's something that we're working through. But I notice when the desires aren't met. I notice when I come in on Monday and I say I didn't have time to play. And so I really think it's important, even in the beginning stages, to ensure that there's spaciousness in your business and in your calendar, because yeah, you'll go crazy. You will burn out.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (33:43.67)
Yeah. Right.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (34:07.662)
Yeah, I love that a desire day, you know, because, you know, I'm sure you're the same way. We love what we do. I love, you know, facilitating leadership and coaching women and high school students in the summer brings me absolute joy. I am also a woman that has to keep a very close finger on the pulse of working, working because I do love it. So I have had to set very clear boundaries on.

Jourdan Guyton (34:08.014)
for sure.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (34:36.222)
start times and stop times. When are we not working? Not when we are, I'm clear on that, but when are we not working? Great. And I love that you gave a name to that of Desire Day because yeah, some days I'm just, I'm like, I want to watch Discovery Channel today, Discovery ID. My husband's always like, why do you watch that so much? I'm like, yeah, watch that and.

Jourdan Guyton (34:42.351)

Jourdan Guyton (34:58.286)
Okay. The killer.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (35:04.286)
stay in my lounge clothes all day. And at this point in my journey, I can absolutely do that for a day and I am guilt free. I have no guilt about it. I think that's how we get to keep showing up with sanity. Right? Success with saneness because, I think the noise in the world says go faster, go more, go harder, go a lot. Like just go, go.

Jourdan Guyton (35:06.11)

Jourdan Guyton (35:11.595)
Yeah, it's okay.

Jourdan Guyton (35:16.79)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (35:34.674)
And I'm often saying to women that I work with you have to be very intentional There has to be an intention set that you are going to give Balance grace to yourself. We can give grace to other people but you have to give grace to yourself that if you wake up on Tuesday and You're like no That you just go with no that it's okay like

Jourdan Guyton (35:47.411)

Jourdan Guyton (35:58.473)


'Maven' Miara Shaw (36:02.11)
You know, if there's some requirements that have to happen, let those happen. But if it's, you know, a day you're just kind of catching up on stuff, just be okay because we're going to feel so much better when we wake up on Wednesday that we got that soul rest that we're ready now. But when we keep gas on the, you know, put on the gas, you just, you're like, Oh, it's too long.

Jourdan Guyton (36:10.733)

Jourdan Guyton (36:16.704)

Jourdan Guyton (36:24.958)
Agreed. It's not worth it. It's not worth it. And then you start to, what's the word I'm looking for? You start to, what's that word? When you

When you something your business, you start to something your business. Not regret, yeah, all the things. It's that like you, I feel like it starts with a D, but you start to feel some type of resent. You start to resent the business and you start to think that...

'Maven' Miara Shaw (36:44.958)
Look, regret it, hate it, all the things.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (36:56.758)
Yes. Yeah.

Jourdan Guyton (37:01.106)
It's your business that you don't like anymore, but it's the boundaries that you set that you failed to stick with that now you dislike your business. So yeah, that I've been there, done that. It's not a game.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (37:09.378)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (37:12.802)
Yeah, yeah, it's and you know, I went through that when I first started my business because when you start you feel like oh my god, I got all these things to do and I gotta catch up to the I don't know what are we catching up to none of us figure that out. Right. And, and our and our souls our spirits will say, sis, this is not it. We're in. And it's just not sustainable. It's just not sustainable. So

Jourdan Guyton (37:25.826)
I don't know, right, I don't know.

Jourdan Guyton (37:35.298)
This ain't it.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (37:41.154)
Um, I, I love, love that. So, uh, ladies at the end of this video, for sure, we're going to have Jordan's links, um, in the description. So that if you want to, again, I use the hashtag sometime, maven approved Jordan is maven approved. I have worked with her and you know, really getting that clarity, clarity is so I literally wrote this in my phone just yesterday that clarity.

Jourdan Guyton (37:56.194)
Mm. Yay.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (38:09.07)
creates opportunity for acceleration. Because imagine when you're riding behind someone that's not clear about where they're trying to turn, they're slow, they're fast, they're blinkers on, they're turning it off, and you're behind them going, get out of the way, right? But when you have clarity, like you're in that left lane and you are rolling, clarity provides the opportunity for acceleration. I say opportunity because not all clarity requires acceleration.

Jourdan Guyton (38:11.778)

Jourdan Guyton (38:23.159)

Jourdan Guyton (38:38.658)
So good, yeah. Agreed.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (38:38.73)
Right. We don't have to eat up all the time, but, but if you need some clarity about what, what do I need to do? How do I need to do it? How do I create a process around it so that you are creating content without the craziness and as Jordan says, getting to the bag because again, ring lights and microphones don't generate money.

Jourdan Guyton (38:58.506)

Jourdan Guyton (39:02.59)
No, they actually take your money.

'Maven' Miara Shaw (39:07.43)
That is valid. So Jordan, thank you so much for sharing with me and Maven Nation today. And we've enjoyed this. We I needed just some of this reminder. And one of the biggest things that have stood out for me in our conversation is the power of community. For me, that's Maven Nation. And really like this journey is too tough to try to do it alone. I don't, I couldn't even imagine. I could not imagine. And

Jourdan Guyton (39:24.429)

Jourdan Guyton (39:34.414)
Trash. Trash!

'Maven' Miara Shaw (39:36.774)
Yes, absolutely fresh. And the joy that you get from being in community, especially with other Black women, man, that just lights my soul on fire and brings me joy to even think about the amazing women that I am connected to, that I've gotten connected to over the years. And even our start from Luminary, a digital platform for me. You lived in New York, but I was here in Texas.

Jourdan Guyton (39:45.112)

'Maven' Miara Shaw (40:05.742)
And so don't discount that digital connection, man. Keep growing it. It's worth it. So thank you, Jordan, for joining us and sharing all of the amazingness that you are with us.

Jourdan Guyton (40:19.746)
Thank you for having me. This was a beautiful conversation.


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