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Miara offers high-performing leaders


leadership development, strategies to prioritize work-life harmony, and cultivate confidence.


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“The Wellness seminars facilitated by Miara are educational and insightful. Employees look forward to participating in her active and engaging sessions. We are happy to partner with Miara to provide training to our clients. She’s the best in the business.”

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 “It’s time to move from stuck to execution!”


Miara Shaw has helped thousands of CEOS, executive leaders and student leaders in more than twenty countries identify and leverage their power. She reinforces the belief in leaders that they are

“CPR – Capable, Prepared or Ready!”® to unleash their power of becoming a better leader.

Miara cultivates savvy and confident leaders who meet the demand for capable leadership within organizations. Her focus lies in aligning individual development needs with organizational objectives.


Leadership Development

Embark on a transformative journey of leadership development tailored specifically for high-performing leaders. Our comprehensive program combines cutting-edge insights with practical strategies to elevate your leadership capabilities and drive sustainable success in today’s dynamic business landscape.


  • Strategic Decision-Making: Learn how to make informed and impactful decisions that drive organizational growth, adaptability, and success.
  • Effective Communication: Master the art of clear, concise communication to inspire, foster resilience, and motivate teams toward shared goals.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Develop self-awareness and empathy to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and build strong, cohesive teams.
  • Authentic Leadership: Cultivate an authentic leadership style that aligns with your values and inspires trust and loyalty among your team.

As a high-performing leader, investing in your personal and professional growth not only enhances your effectiveness but also strengthens your ability to lead others through challenges and drive innovation. By staying ahead of the curve and honing your leadership capabilities, you position yourself as a visionary leader capable of navigating complexity and driving sustainable success for your organization.

Design Your Balanced Rhythm™

Join us for an immersive interaction training session focused on cultivating work-life balance. Through engaging activities and discussions, you’ll gain practical strategies to achieve harmony between your professional and personal life. This training includes a digital download of the Life Strategy Map™, a tool to help you create a visual for where you want to go. 


  • Imagination and Creation: Unlock your creative potential and envision a future aligned with your aspirations.
  • Mindset Reset: Cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.
  • Setting Boundaries: Establish healthy boundaries to safeguard your time, energy, and well-being.
  • Personal Development: Continuously invest in self-improvement and growth to reach your fullest potential.
  • Creating Your Personal Advisory Board: Surround yourself with mentors, coaches, and advisors who will support and guide you on your journey.
  • BAM (Bust A Move) Plan: Develop a clear and actionable roadmap to turn your visions into reality and achieve your goals.



By prioritizing self-care and personal time, leaders can avoid burnout, maintain clarity of mind, and foster creativity and innovation. Improved health and increased resilience empower leaders to gracefully navigate challenges, fostering greater success and fulfillment across both personal and professional spheres.


  • Identify Priorities: Learn how to prioritize tasks and responsibilities to create a balanced schedule.
  • Time Management Techniques: Discover effective time management strategies to maximize productivity and minimize stress.
  • Boundary Setting: Understand the importance of setting boundaries to protect personal time and prevent burnout.
  • Stress Management Skills: Develop coping mechanisms and stress-relief techniques to maintain overall well-being.
  • Self-Care Practices: Explore self-care rituals and habits to nurture physical, mental, and emotional health.

Cultivating Confidence & Stage Presence

Whether you or your team need assistance enhancing charisma and stage presence, articulating your company’s message in interviews and presentations, or fostering confidence, we’re prepared to collaborate with you.

Tailored for 1:1 coaching, addressing each professional’s skill level and requirements. These sessions can be conducted virtually or in person. On average, clients achieve their desired outcomes within six sessions, which is ideal for short-term goals like a significant presentation, interview, or pitch. Key focus areas encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Amplifying Your Charisma and Stage Presence
  • Effectively Articulating Your Company’s Message in Interviews and Presentations
  • Instilling Confidence in Yourself and Your Team
  • Learning to Flourish Under Pressure
  • Unlocking Confidence in Your Feminine Power

Should you desire long-term or group/team development, we will curate a personalized package.

Cultivating Confidence For Women Leaders

We collaborate to fulfill your organization’s objective of nurturing more women leaders. During interactive sessions, groups will engage to bolster their confidence as capable and emerging leaders:


  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Crafting Your Balanced Rhythm (Work-Life Harmony)
  • Mastering Intentional Communication Through Body Language and Tone
  • Enhancing Charisma and Stage Presence

The Balanced Rhythm™ Retreat

Upcoming dates will be announced soon.

As a female high-performing leader, you’ve been doing your BAM (Bust A Move) Thang all year. Now it’s time to…

Submerge yourself in a weekend that allows you to REST,  RECOVER, and REFUEL simply because YOU DESERVE IT!

You’ll further cultivate your Balanced Rhythm™, ensuring success without compromising your relationships, health, or mental well-being. This involves embracing joy, laughter, and rejuvenation within a supportive sisterhood community embarking on similar journeys!

miara shaw

'Maven' Miara Shaw is a Hope Curator & Confidence Cultivator who works with high-achieving, purpose pursuing leaders to take action in moving from stuck to execution without sacrificing their relationships, health & mental sanity. She calls this a Balanced Rhythm™.


Miara Shaw is based in Houston, TX but serves clients globally. She is a certified to do business with local government and federal agencies.