We provide Executive Leaders and CEOS

With objective and actionable guidance

Helping them stay motivated, manage stress, and build resilience while giving them
the tools they need to be great leaders.

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“The Wellness seminars facilitated by Miara are educational and insightful. Employees look forward to participating in her active and engaging sessions. We are happy to partner with Miara to provide training to our clients. She’s the best in the business.”

Executive vice president
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 “It’s time to move from stuck to execution!”

Miara Shaw has helped thousands of CEOS, executive leaders and student leaders in more than five countries identify and leverage their power. She reinforces the belief in leaders that they are

“CPR – Capable, Prepared or Ready!”® to unleash their power of becoming a great leader.

Miara produces savvy and confident leaders that help fill the need for capable leaders within organizations. She focuses on aligning the development needs of the individual with the objectives of the organization.







Executive Coaching

Whether you and/or your team needs help to boost your charisma and stage presence, articulate your company’s message in interviews and presentations or cultivate confidence in yourself, we’re ready to partner with you.


Tailored for 1:1 coaching specifically for each professional based on their skill level and need. These sessions can be delivered virtually or in person. On average, clients get their desired results in 6 sessions for short-term goals such as a big presentation, an interview, or a pitch presentation. Key focus areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Boosting Your Charisma and Stage Presence 
  • Articulating Your Company’s Message in Interviews and Presentations 
  • Inspiring Confidence in Yourself and Your Team 
  • Learning How to Thrive Under Pressure
  • Unlocking Confidence in Your Feminine Power

If you desire long-term or group/team development, we’ll create a customized coaching package.

Cultivating Confidence For Women Leaders

We partner to meet your organization’s goals of developing more women leaders.

In this interactive one-day session, groups will go through four modules to boost their confidence as capable and emerging leaders. 

  • Silencing the Imposter Syndrome
  • Designing Your Balanced Rhythm (Work Life Harmony)
  • Intentional Communication With Body Language & Tone
  • Boosting Your Charisma and Stage Presence

Leadership Development Cohorts

We partner with Talent and Inclusion Leaders to provide coaching & development that also instills confidence for women leaders. Our team helps leaders sort through their fears, identify their goals & dreams to develop strategies that allows them to take actionable steps to move into their growth zone. These cohorts can be facilitated in-person, virtually and hybrid.


These cohorts provide a unique opportunity to cultivate black & brown women leaders based on the unique challenges they face in the workplace. Below are some key focus areas:

  • Designing Your Balanced Rhythm (Work Life Harmony)
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Mindset: Identifying & Assessing How You Show Up 
  • Identifying Your Leadership Style
  • Boosting Your Charisma And Stage Presence
  • Developing guilt-free stress management


These cohorts provide development for new and future leaders to gain knowledge and support to manage and overcome challenges as a women leader. Below are some key focus areas:

  • Designing Your Balanced Rhythm (Work Life Harmony)
  • Cultivating Personal Confidence
  • Poised for Leadership
  • Identifying Your Leadership Style
  • Creating Your Personal Advisory Board
  • Setting Expectation For Pay Equity

International Speaker

“Maven Miara” uses her witty, direct, and action-oriented style of speaking and coaching to provide heartfelt motivation and solutions to overcome barriers to your attendees. She has over 25 years of corporate experience as a leader, high-powered energy trader, and now as the CEO of Miara Shaw Enterprises. Skills she uses to inspire and activate audiences to BAM (Bust A Move) on their goals.

The Balanced Rhythm™ Retreat

Fall 2022

As a women Executive or CEO you’ve been doing your BAM (Bust A Move) Thang all year, now it’s time to…

Submerge yourself in a weekend that allows you to REST,  RECOVER, and REFUEL simply because YOU DESERVE IT!

You will continue developing your Balanced Rhythm™ which means creating your success without sacrificing your relationships, health and mental.  This will include indulding in joy, laughter and restoration with a sisterhood community on similar journeys!

who is miara shaw?

'Maven' Miara Shaw is a Hope Curator & Confidence Cultivator who works with high-achieving, purpose pursuing leaders to take action in moving from stuck to execution without sacrificing their relationships, health & mental sanity. She calls this a Balanced Rhythm™.

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Miara Shaw is based in Houston, TX but serves clients globally.