5 Hot Summer Tips for Entrepreneurs

Just one step to get yourself going.


Happy Friday Maven!!

I hope today finds you well in mind body and spirit!

If you follow me on Instagram (@mavenmiara), on Monday I shared a video that challenged you to tackle at least one thing this week that you have been afraid of or procrastinating about.  Just one step to get yourself going.

Did you do that?
I want to hear about it.  No…seriously…reply and tell me!


This week I was also a guest on The Al Rucker Radio Show where I shared “5 Summer #maventalk Tips For Entrepreneurs” and of course I want to share those with you also.   You can listen to the show segment today online in Houston at Amazing 102.5 or online at from 12pm to 2pm CST.

Summer is often a time of vacation and unwinding a bit for some.  As an entrepreneur, however, we still have to stay on top of our businesses. Hopefully these tips will allow you to do just that, while also enjoying your summer a bit more!

Five Summer #maventalk Tips For Entrepreneurs

1. Learn from your losses
I honestly believe every loss we experience has a lesson in it for our future self.  I therefore don’t consider it a loss because there is lesson we need.  It’s really a matter of perspective in which you have the ability to control.  When you encounter a loss, always ask yourself, “What is the lesson I can gain from this?”

2. Balance Your Budget
Your money honey!  Don’t get all flossy for the summer and forget to stay on top of your money goals.  Take your financial goal you set for the year and break it into monthly numbers or quarterly numbers, so you know exactly how you need to perform for the summer.  I don’t want the fall season to show up and you’re giving your budget a blank stare because you “turned up” during the summer and nothing else.  Stay on it Maven!

3.  Purge Your People
Hopefully you have experienced some growth since the start of the year.  Know this…growth might – no, it will – cause some people in your circle to begin to treat you differently.  I’ve experienced this and it can be very painful, but it is your responsibility to purge (when needed) these people from your circle.  I’m not saying any and everyone that makes you feel some type of way needs to go, but you must be honest about your connections.  Maven, as growth occurs, the very simple fact of the matter is EVERYBODY CAN’T GO…at least not with you.

4.  Align With An Adviser
You can’t be the smartest person in your circle all the time because that is too comfortable for you.  Align yourself with an adviser, mentor, or coach.  Someone that is going to continue to challenge your development and keep you accountable.  No one creates success alone.  Shoot, I’ve read that even the amazing Oprah Winfrey has four, yep FOUR, coaches in her life.  So now if Oprah needs those advisers…ok you get the rest.

5.  Welcome Your Wins
Last, but not the least, celebrate your wins!  Don’t get so focused on the next goal, connection, or event that you forget to be present and welcome and celebrate your wins.  Don’t just celebrate the things you put in your highlight reel, but also celebrate the small wins.  Trust me, those small wins are what led to the larger wins.   When you are feeling worn out or discouraged, just take a moment and inhale even the smallest wins as those count also.  Keep winning!

Cheers to getting ready for summer with intention!


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