If you are sensitive…Don’t read this! There is some FIYAH here!

It might be time to SQUARE UP, Maven!

Yaaaas to Fri-YAY!!!

Yesterday I was having a serious one-on-one with myself (you have those right? lol) and I wanted to share a little bit of what I told myself…

Oh wait…sometimes I talk to myself sternly because it moves me to action so naw (yes naw and not now)  if you are sensitive…shut this blog post down and go on about your dayBecause I plan to say some things that might piss you off, but also MOVE YOU TO BAM!  

One of the biggest lessons I’ve been reminded of this year is life is really fragile.  We say it but tomorrow is really, for real, not promised.  That thought led me to this…

It is absolutely bullshit to think I can reach my goals playing nice to keep everyone else happy, or waiting for “it” to all line up before making my next move, to think fear will just be nice and leave me alone.  All those thought are lies and I know it.

SQUARE UP MAVEN! (almost yelling that to myself)

Most people in your life don’t wish you harm — but they don’t really give a crap about your purpose in life either. I don’t say that in a tone as if there is something wrong with that, but here is what I want to get your attention…

Stop being a people pleaser.
Stop waiting.
Stop making excuses.
Stop making yourself small.

Really! When are you going to have enough of that foolishness?  While you are trying to pull the covers over your head and hide, someone else is willing to take what you have and try to walk on water to deliver their purpose.

Frankly, those attempting to walk on water are the crowd I want to be around.  Why not!  Life is short!

What are you so worried about? People? They are not worried about you like that so put that energy on something else.

Maven, have you grown complacent with where you are in life? Could there be a God purposed destination that you are stopping short of? Consider asking God if you are in the right place. Ask God to point you in the right direction and show you the next steps to take.  He’s a great source!

Dig in Maven! Take ONE step today that moves you forward.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, all figured out, stress free and no one has to believe it but YOU.

Yep you will probably be scared and doubting yourself.  Lissstennn… that’s normal!

BAM (BUST A MOVE)! I mean, heck , if you have to fix some part of it (which you might) you’ve got the weekend to lick your wounds and be ready for game time on Monday! Yaaas!

Life is worth going after all it has to offer you!  Have an amazing weekend!

Maven Nation on Fiyah!!


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'Maven' Miara Shaw is a Hope Curator & Confidence Cultivator who works with high-achieving, purpose pursuing leaders to take action in moving from stuck to execution without sacrificing their relationships, health & mental sanity. She calls this a Balanced Rhythm™.


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