5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Unstuck

Do you find yourself in a situation where it seems like nothing is moving forward or at least the things you want to move forward are not? Do you feel like a certain or the entire part of your life is stagnant? Other than the old routine, there are no new exciting things.  And to make matters worse, you have no clue what your next move should be. Allow me to start by saying that you are not alone, Maven!

According to a recent study, about 69% of any population find themselves trapped and stuck in the same old routine. If this sounds like you or someone you know, the key out of this situation is in asking yourself the right questions. Further down, we’ll be discussing these questions which will open your mind to find the answers to your problems and ultimately, get unstuck. Before we do that, let’s understand what it means to get stuck.

What it Means to Feel Stuck

Feeling stuck could either be in your career or your personal life. This is a feeling that makes you think that you’ve gone too deep on a current path that you can’t make any more changes. It’s a feeling that makes you acknowledge that you need to do something to get yourself out of your current state but are unable to do so.

This feeling if left unbridled could lead to making drastic decisions or completely abandoning one’s goals and dreams. Hence, you need to tackle it head-on by finding out ways to propel yourself out of your current situation and get unstuck. 

Here are five simple questions you should ask yourself to get unstuck.

1. Are you facing an obstacle that’s keeping you stuck or is it fear?

The feeling of being stuck always comes with the conviction that you can’t do anything about your situation. You know you have to do something to get out of it, sometimes you might even know what to do but can’t get yourself to do it because you just believe you can’t. The question you must ask yourself is how true this is? Is it true that you can’t do it? Is there really an obstacle why you can’t do it or are you simply afraid to do it? 

Fear has a sneaky way of disguising itself to look like things we just “accept” as obstacles. Learn how to identify the real deal. Asking yourself this important question will help you identify the real obstacle. If your problem is fear, then you will be ready at this point to face those fears and tackle them.

2. Can you define your goals clearly?

Sometimes people get stuck because they’re not sure exactly what they want to do or achieve. You might think you have something in mind but if it’s too big, you could get stuck because you’re not sure exactly what you have to do or where to start. Clearly define your goals. If it’s too big, break it into smaller actionable steps you can execute. This will help you get clarity.

So, to get unstuck, it is important to understand why clarity has such an impact on what we believe we can do, what we actually do, and the outcomes we reach.

3. Do you have the resource you need already?

Another factor that could keep you stuck is the feeling that you don’t have the resources necessary to navigate out of your situation. Check again, most times, we have all we need to get unstuck without knowing it. In reality, I estimate that 80% of the time, we already have the resources we need.  

Don’t jump to conclusions just because you don’t see it right away. Think about your resources, think about your friends, mentors, and connections on your email, phone, or even on social media. Does anyone have those resources? If you still think they don’t have it, does any of them know someone who has those resources?

Reassess your contacts and you’re most likely to find out that the resources you need to get unstuck have been right in your palm all this while.

4. What’s your why?

One of the most important questions you must ask yourself to either get unstuck or remain unstuck is why you do the things you do each day. For example, before you can enjoy your job and show up to work every day for many years, your “why” has to be deeper than getting money to pay the bills. Finding the reason behind your daily actions can help prepare you even better, inspire and motivate you to make the right choices.

By asking yourself this question, you’ll live an intentional life, especially in today’s busy and distracted world. This will help you get unstuck, remain focused on what’s important, and prevent you from getting stuck again.

5. Who’s in your circle or network?

The feeling or thoughts that you can’t do anything is often louder when we have people who think the same way. It’s impossible to get unstuck when you struggle to believe it’s possible. If you have people around you who cannot speak to you positively about your goals, encourage you, and remind you that it’s possible to achieve anything, then it’s time to change your circle of friends.

Surround yourself with positive people. Learn from them and what they’ve done that inspires you. This will help you believe in the possibility of achieving your goals. It will also inspire you to take a step forward to getting yourself unstuck. Find mentors, read inspiring books and listen to podcasts from people who have achieved similar goals and dreams, and get motivated.

Be gentle with yourself as you move to get unstuck. It probably won’t be a pretty process and you might feel lost during some of it. That’s normal.

Don’t allow negative self-talk to delay you in moving from STUCK TO EXECUTION!

Check out this video on 7 Ways To Add Joy To Your Life that can also support you as you move through your journey of getting to unstuck. I would love to hear your feedback on how you found these questions useful. You can leave a comment on my YouTube (Miara Shaw), blog, or DM me on IG @mavenmiara.


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