I live in Houston so most times we don’t have a “real” winter but nonetheless, I’m always happy to usher in springtime.  I definitely enjoy warmer weather over colder.
Spring is bright and colorful and exciting. It’s new! Yeah, that’s it, we like new!
As we transition from one season to the next, if we are not intentional we can carry the dullness and sense of hibernation right over into spring.
It’s spring so that means it’s time to freshen things up.  Don’t just do spring cleaning in your home and business, do it for YOU also.  Shape Magazine shares 10 healthy reasons to love spring that will also help to energize you.

In this video, I’ve shared 5 Strategies To Help You Spring Into Execution!

In this video, I share my strategies to BAM (Bust a Move) and Spring into Execution this spring!  


1.  Drop the winter weight.

•  I’m so not talking about body pounds! This weight is just as important that we intentionally keep it lean also.


2.  Do a little one, two step.

•  Yep! Now I’m talking about your body, your temple. You only have one.


3.  Freshen & Focus.

•  Give a winterized idea a spring touch and watch it blossom.


4.  Define your goal with an outcome and deadline.

•  Give clarity to your outcomes and reduce your feelings of being overwhelmed.


5.  Connect with an accountability partner.

•  This is such a powerful asset in your growth! Don’t skip this part.

These 5 strategies help you take action in your Spring readiness.  Action, that’s what we call BAM (Bust A Move) here at Maven Nation.  Make sure to watch the video for more ideas and tips.

Are you ready?

Once you view the video I would love to hear what you think your most challenging step might be.  I might have some other resources I can share with you because I want you to BAM!  You can leave a comment on my YouTube or blog, shoot me an email or DM me on social.
Don’t delay!

Do your spring readiness now because “The work is not skippable™”.