When as it seems like your life is on a treadmill going way too fast and you feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and feelings of isolation seem to threaten your very breath…

I’ve been there too.  It’s as if we reach a space in our lives where there’s a pull on our soul that we can no longer ignore.

And so…you begin hearing a question that gets louder and louder…


You try to ignore the question and noise in your head by staying really busy.  Honestly, you know you’re not feeling fulfilled or intentional, even while being busy.  Like me, you might have taken the position of running from the answer which causes you to be STUCK.


I imagine we’re very similar in allowing fear to cause us to believe we are not Capable, Prepared or Ready™ (CPR) to deliver the exact thing we’re born to do which is OUR TRUTH.

Pause for a moment, why do we allow our first reaction to be fear?

You might not know what your truth is right now. It is yet to be revealed but you know you are already afraid of it.  When you begin to peel back the layers you might discover it is more about your fear of being vulnerable.  It’s a common feeling to have when we don’t know WHAT or HOW to do something.  What if I look like a failure?  What is no one buys it? What if they don’t like me anymore?

Digging into your truth can be a very uncomfortable season in your life.  We can really get STUCK when we get uncomfortable! It’s like our ‘stuckness’ gets deeper the more uncomfortable we get.

Discovering how to deliver your truth can be just as overwhelming when feelings of being unfulfilled, isolated, fearful and vulnerable are allowed to be your partner.


Give yourself a chance to do it differently than you have in the past!


I’ll partner with you as you move from STUCK to EXECUTION with a more balanced rhythm and help you OWN your truth.  Our work together will allow you to more efficiently and effectively clear through some of the mental clutter and save you time and energy.  You will have a clear purpose and strategy when we’re finished. Here are some ways we can do that together:


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