Episode 12: GenX Dream Launcher w/Franka Baly

Episode 12: GenX Dream Launcher w/Franka Baly


We chat with Franka Baly, a user experience designer and researcher who’s passionate about helping people launch their dreams aligned with their purpose. As the Founder and Creative Experience Officer of Franka Baly Media, LLC, Franka leads a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in user experience, design, branding, and marketing. We dive into her journey as a UX designer and how she’s been helping GenX women build their online platforms to showcase their thought-leadership. Franka shares her insights on standing out in a noisy digital landscape and mentoring the next generation of UX designers. If you’re interested in launching your dreams, this episode is for you! 


Welcome to Success with Saneness. This series is your bi-weekly dose of solution-inspired stories to support high-performing women to maintain their well-being.   Your host, Miara Shaw, also known as, ‘Maven’ Miara is a life and business strategist, executive coach, and sought-after transformational speaker. She offers targeted leadership development for minority executives and small business CEOs. She also supports emerging leaders to cultivate confidence and create their Balanced Rhythm™ (work-life harmony). Before starting her business, Maven Miara worked 25+ years as a no-nonsense, high-powered energy trader at some of the nation’s largest oil companies.


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